It has always been a common misconception that the Dental Hygienist only cleans your teeth. You can expect so much more from your professional Dental Hygienist.

The first thing your Dental Hygienist will do is take a complete medical dental history to ensure that there is no contraindications to continue with your dental hygiene treatment. This medical dental interview will also include the taking of vital signs. Your vital signs are an important indicator of your overall health. High blood pressure often goes undetected, and your dental hygienist will be able to refer you to your medical doctor for a follow up if necessary. Did you know that often times your medications will have an effect on your mouth? For example many prescription drugs can cause dry mouth, changes in your blood pressure, or even limit the amount of local anesthetic that can be used.

Upon completion of the medical dental history review, your dental hygiene will do a complete intra extra oral examination. This examination will include an oral cancer screening. It is vitally important for any oral changes to be followed up immediately. Your Dental Hygienist will be able to refer you for a follow up examination if any suspicious lesions are detected.

Next your dental hygienist will exam the gums. Measurements are taken with a Dental Ruler (Periodontal Prove) to determine the level of attachment from your gums to the bone support. Bleeding, discharge, and this depth will help your dental hygienist determine if you have gum disease or beginning to show signs of gum disease. From the results of your compete oral assessment, the dental hygienist and you will develop a care plan that best meets the needs of your mouth, including cleaning your teeth.

Did you also know that your dental hygienist can also help you with your nutritional needs, help you quit the use of tobacco, make you a sports guard, create bleaching trays, and educate you on the best oral aids for your mouth to ensure your mouth stays healthy?

See your Dental Hygienist on a regular basis for overall good health. Your mouth and your health are closely linked!! See you soon!