APLUS Institute Dental Hygiene Program Fees

Current Program Costs $42,150 (in effect since January 2022)


Program Costs

  • Tuition$ 34,700 (includes $500 Admission Deposit Fee)
  • Instruments (varies depending on manufacturer price and exchange rate) and expendable supplies$ 2,900
  • Textbooks (may vary depending on publisher’s price)$ 2,900
  • Malpractice Insurance (3 semesters @ $100 per semester)$ 300
  • Lab Fees (3 semesters @ $100 per semester)$ 300
  • Clinic Fees (3 semesters @ $130 per semester)$ 390
  • Uniforms and supplies (masks, gloves, safety glasses)$ 480
  • Technological Fees (3 semesters @ $60 per semester)$ 180
  • Total Cost $42,150
  • National Dental Hygiene Board Exam Cost ($774 payable to the NDHCB)

OSAP Ontario Student Assistance Program

Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify. For more information, please visit: www.ontario.ca/page/osap-ontario-student-assistance-program.

Current Payment Options

APLUS Institute is pleased to offer students a convenient, interest free monthly payment plan. Upon admission, an initial non-refundable payment of $500.00 (Early Admission Deposit Fee) is required, with the remainder of tuition due to be paid in eighteen equal monthly instalments of $1,900.00 each. Calculating your payments by semester (based on CURRENT $34,700 Tuition Fee):


Semester I

  • Tuition$ 11,900
  • Instruments$ 850
  • Books$ 1,750
  • Semester fees$ 390
  • Uniforms and supplies (masks, gloves, safety glasses)$ 160
  • Semester I Total Fees :$ 15,050

Semester II

  • Tuition$ 11,400
  • Instruments$ 2050
  • Books$ 900
  • Semester fees$ 390
  • Masks & gloves$ 160
  • Semester II Total Fees:$ 14,900

Semester III

  • Tuition$ 11,400
  • Books$ 250
  • Semester fees$ 390
  • Masks & gloves$ 160
  • Semester III Total Fees$ 11,700

APLUS Institute Dental Hygiene Diploma Information

The APLUS Dental Hygiene Diploma in Toronto

We are proud to announce that APLUS Institute Dental Hygiene Diploma adopted new National Competencies and College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario (CDHO) Practice Standards for its 11th intake (July 2011). APLUS Institute offers a competency based dental hygiene curriculum in modern clinical facilities under the direction and guidance of experienced faculty members. APLUS Institute prides itself on high student satisfaction. Graduates of the program boast about their success stories and are eager to talk about the high student satisfaction.

Get Your Dental Hygiene Diploma at APLUS Institute!

APLUS Institute provides many graduates with an opportunity for a second career. Graduates are excited and eager to work as a dental hygienist – a profession that supports good dental health as part of overall health.



Read what our alumni say about APLUS Institute