RBC and BMO Credit Lines for qualified APLUS students let you focus on what’s important: your studies!

They both provide the security and freedom of knowing funds are available at any time you need them, without visiting the bank or re-apply for the loan.

RBC Royal Bank Credit Line designed exceptionally for the APLUS Institute students who need to finance all or part of their dental hygiene studies through personal borrowing and includes:

  • Up to $60,000 (with up to 15 years amortization)
  • Interest ONLY (Prime+1%) while in school
  • 12-month Grace Period after Graduation

BMO Bank of Montreal Dental Professional Student Line of Credit is available for qualified individuals. The features include:

  • eligibility to borrow up to $250,000 during the course of the program
  • interest payments only on the amount you actually use (at competitive rates)
  • monthly interest-only payments for up to 1 year after completing your studies
  • repayment of your Dental Student lin of Credit in up to 15 years after graduation