Orthodontics is a field of dentistry taught in most dental colleges in Toronto that covers all treatments that prevent or correct malfunctions on the teeth or facial structure. This is one of the areas of specialization that a restorative dental hygienist will need to master as part of their education. Restorative dental treatments such as the ones done to straighten the teeth or properly align the jaws can be costly. But many people consider them a great investment that is well worth it.

Your job as a restorative dental hygienist would be to bring back confidence in your patient’s lives when you make changes that they love and get to see it firsthand. You will take part in orthodontics procedures that change a person’s life and this is likely to be an enjoyable experience for you.

Boost Client’s Self-confidence

One of the main reasons why most people undergo orthodontic treatments is to improve their smile. A number of issues such as crooked, discolored or misaligned teeth can affect one’s self-confidence. By performing an orthodontic treatment, the person can have a stellar smile and feel more confident when interacting with others. The best part is that, other than improving a person’s smile, orthodontic treatments can fix bite alignment issues such as overbites and underbites or speech impairments.

Some of your patients may experience breathing difficulty or swallowing issues as a result of bite problems. Overall, if an orthodontic problem goes untreated for far too long, it can cause serious oral health concerns. Because orthodontic treatment can be considered by people of all ages, it’s never too late for you to help someone enjoy a better quality of life by getting a smile improvement.

What to Expect?

When you join a dental hygienist school Toronto to pursue restorative dentistry, you will cover most areas of orthodontic treatment. Most people assume that restorative dentistry is all about the aesthetics but it goes beyond that. Restorative dental procedures can actually help you to prevent gum disease. When you have misaligned teeth and they remain crooked, they are so hard to keep clean. As a restorative dental hygienist, you have a duty to explain to clients why they need the issue fixed immediately.

Crooked teeth collect food particles which can’t be removed when you floss or brush daily because they get into hard to reach crevices between the teeth. The food particles turn into plaque buildup which is what contributes to gum disease and cavities. By encouraging patients to consider orthodontic treatment early, they not only save money by reducing future dental bills but also improve their overall health.

Alleviate Potential Health Problems with Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry can also help you to improve the overall well-being of your patients. This is because issues like malocclusions or bad bites can lead to many other conditions such as wearing down teeth or chipping. Additionally, improper chewing can affect digestion which compromises one’s health in the long run. All these issues can be avoided with orthodontic treatment.