Are you looking for a way to keep abreast of all the developments and updates in dental hygiene? We’ll share with you a couple of blogs and bloggers that you need to follow. Today, the web has no shortage of amazing bloggers in the dental industry. They share lots of interesting information and tips to keep your dental health in check. Here’s a list of bloggers and blogs you probably want to follow.

Dr Elizabeth Fleming

Running a dental practice is not easy and Dr Elizabeth Fleming provides a lot of insight on how to market your business. In this blog, you not only enjoy the practical dental tips provided but also great insights on how to promote a dental practice. This is one blog that many students of Toronto College of Dental Hygiene religiously follow.

Brent Cornelius

The dental industry is surrounded by so many myths. This is a blog that aims at debunking many of the common misconceptions in dentistry. It offers great advice to the young and old on dental matters. Brent works to help readers maintain proper dental health while giving a fun twist to every piece of content he shares on the blog.

Dental Focus

For those who are more interested in the marketing side of things, this blog will provide a lot of educational material to promote a dental practice. It’s a very nice resource for anyone who wants to start and promote an independent dental practice. Not only do they share lots of tips and advice for newbies but also information for those dental experts who want to expand their business.

Jenn @ My Life as a Dental Hygienist

Anyone who’s recently joined the dental industry will find pleasure in following this blogger. Jenn not only writes in a captivating way to keep you entertained all through but also gets personal and creates content that resonates very well with most people. If you have goals to join a dental hygienist school, this is probably a blogger you want to follow. You’ll get all the insider tips on how to juggle work and personal life from someone who has been through it all.

Dr David and Karah Maloley

Top Bloggers Every Dental Hygienists Should Follow-1You can get a lot of great advice from a single dentist so imagine what two reputable and well experienced dental experts can offer? This amazing blog is done by a married couple Dr. David and Karah Maloley. The blog offers a lot of information not only on maintaining dental hygiene but also how to run a successful practice. They even have podcasts every other week to inspire their readers on coming up with a successful dental practice. This is one of the best blogs for would-be dental practitioners.

Dr Vinograd

If you are more interested in the latest holistic dental treatments, Dr Vinograd would be a good blogger to follow. The dentist covers the latest technologies in the industry and provides his expert opinion on each topic. His amazing work is not only refreshing but also very educative to anyone in the field of dentistry.