E- cigarettes are very popular among people who are trying to give up smoking. Unlike the traditional cigarettes, the e-cigarettes do not put users at risk of tobacco, combustion and tar. Perhaps that’s why e- cigarettes are considered safer and risk-free as compared to tobacco smoking. But is this really true?

Statistics show that e- cigarettes are most popular among younger people. But have you ever considered whether e- cigarettes have a negative impact on your oral health? Below are a few highlights on e- cigarettes and your dental hygiene.

E- cigarettes are still quite harmful

Tobacco smoking is very dangerous. Tobacco cigarettes contain up to 100,000 different chemicals including toxic substances like arsenic and formaldehyde. Some of these chemicals are said to cause diseases like cancer. E- cigarettes on the other hand, despite their negative impact on oral health are said to be harmless because they do not involve chemicals that are in traditional cigarettes. In fact, tobacco smoke emits the chemicals at much higher levels than e- cigarettes.

There are still not so many studies about e- cigarettes and their impact on oral health. Most dental hygienists advise their patients to avoid e- cigarettes because they may have a poor impact on their oral health. As much as e- cigarettes cannot be compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes, they are still bad for your teeth.

E- cigarettes causes dry mouth

One of the effects that is commonly noted by e- cigarettes users is a dry mouth and throat. The e- cigarettes hinder the body’s ability to produce adequate saliva. When the mouth is dry, it can cause a lot of oral health concerns. Saliva is very important in the mouth because it’s what allows it to get rid of harmful bacteria that can affect the teeth. Saliva can also help to prevent bad breath. This means that e- cigarettes not only contribute to bad breath but also cause bacteria build-up and gum disease.

E- cigarettes can damage mouth cells

Studies have been done to show the effect of e- cigarettes on mouth cells. E- cigarettes are said to damage the cells in the mouth. The e- cigarette vapor enters the oral cavity and interferes with the composition of cells. When these mouth cells are damaged or killed, one is more exposed to inflammation, gum disease and infection. In fact, the damage of cells caused by e- cigarette vapor is also linked to the cause of serious illnesses like cancer. The mouth cells act as a barrier that helps protect the mouth against infection. Any form of damage exposes the oral cavity to all sorts of infections.

There are still not so many studies conducted to show the link between e- cigarettes and oral health. However, it is safe to say that e- cigarettes even though they are not as damaging as tobacco smoking, can end up compromising your oral health. It is very important for you to discuss further with your dentist and understand the risks involved.