Advertising is a way of announcing to the world that you are offering certain products and services. If you are a dental hygienist, advertising will help patients to know that you can be of help. Without advertising, it may be hard for patients to know about your services. When you are advertising your dental hygienist services, you have to adhere to some regulations:

You must ensure that you only provide accurate information. It is against the law to provide any false information in your advertisement campaign. You should not include any misleading information that may misguide clients. Any information you provide during advertising must be verifiable. Do not include any information which is not verifiable.

As you advertise, you should not include any endorsement other than the endorsement by an approved institution. The endorsing institution should be known to have expertise relevant to the subject/critical matter of the endorsement.

It is unacceptable to include a patient’s testimony while advertising your dental hygienist profession. In addition to the testimonial of a current patient, you should also not add the testimonial or former patient. Do not include testimonials from family members or friends of a current or former patient. It is unacceptable to refer to a drug used to provide health services when you are making a dental hygienist advertisement.

In some instances, an advertisement with respect to a member’s practice may include the reference to a procedure, treatment, or area of practice. You can refer to an area of practice which is a prescribed specialty. However, to do this, you must hold a specialty certificate of registration in the specialty stated in the advertisement.

For reference to an area of practice that is not a prescribed specialty, procedure, or treatment, the advertisement has to outline that you are not a specialist. In dental hygienist services advertisement, the advertisement must be easy to understand by the target audience.

The advertisement laws are important because they help shield consumers from false information. With the correct information, consumers can make the right decision about which dental hygienist services to use. As long as a dental hygienist adheres to the advertisement laws, they are free to advertise their products.

Advertising dental hygiene services informs customers that you are open for business. Regardless of other businesses offering the same products as you, advertising can pull customers to your dental hygiene clinic. With advertising, you will not only attract new customers but also retain the existing ones. Advertising reminds customers why they should choose your services and continue using your services in the future.

There are several ways of marketing your dental hygiene practice. For instance, you can build an online community on social media platforms. This would be an excellent way to reach out to potential clients and build a relationship. If patients connect with you on social media, they will have constant communication with you. As a dental hygienist, you will mainly interact with the local community. You can make use of local SEO services. Using keywords, customers will be able to find you.

Just like in other practices, dental hygienists can advertise their businesses to attract clients. They only have to adhere to the set rules.