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Did The Hygienist Ask How You Slept Last Night?

There’s a reason for it. He or she might be examining your teeth and seeing evidence that you grind them at night, something you may not even be aware of. The dental industry estimates that 95 per cent of us will grind at some point in our lives. At Aplus Dental clinic, our dental hygienist students are trained to perform …

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The Importance Of Good Oral Healthcare And Regular Visits To A Dental Hygienist

Brushing and flossing our teeth regularly each day not only helps maintain a sparkling smile but, more importantly, aids in the prevention of gum disease, formally known as periodontal disease and the ensuing risks it can present to our general health. At Aplus Dental Hygienist College we know that periodontal disease is most often preventable but has been linked to a range …

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10 Tips To Propel Dental Hygienist Students Through College To Career

The following information is gathered from the best sources available: hygienist students who have gone before you. Take what you like and use it to your best advantage. In time, you’ll be adding your own observations to this list. Know that you are providing a valuable service to your community by making a difference in the lives of others when …

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Technological Advancement In Dental Hygiene

New developments for dentistry have kept coming since the 1950s but it hasn’t been that way for dental hygiene – until recently.  Finally, technology is making its way into the operatory, providing changes that are exciting and dramatic, particularly in diagnostics and therapy. Automated probes are not new but hygienists found older versions were bulky, time consuming to use, no …

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The Dental Hygienist: Team Member And Team Player

Like many large office environments, there’s sometimes friction and jealousies that come into play among coworkers and a dental office is not an exception. It’s up to each team member to be a “team player” but here’s some ideas that will help the dental hygienist promote a positive atmosphere. The focus of all dental practices is to have satisfied patients …

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The Self-Employed Dental Hygienist

With so many choices available now to newly accredited dental hygienists, there’s been an uptick in the numbers who are flexing their entrepreneurial leanings and opting to work for themselves. The services they might deliver are as varied as the environments they choose to work in. Self-employed dental hygienists might: decide to set up as a consultant rent space in …

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The Career Choice For The Dental Hygienist Profession

Embarking on a career as a dental hygienist is not a decision that can be made lightly. It’s a profession that requires a great deal of stamina, “people skills” and desire to really be of help to others. One must be a team player and be okay with work that is often repetitive. But that aside, many dental hygienists say …

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Best Practises For A Rewarding Dental Hygienist Career

Registered dental hygienists offer these tips to the student or new graduate. Have patience with your patients. Every one of them will be different and have different needs. Some are going to be sensitive, some are scared and some will be rude. Don’t take it personally, it’s not a reflection on you. Put your whole self into your work to …

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Dental Hygienists: On The Front Lines Of Oral Cancer Detection

Dental hygienists are in the unique position of identifying suspicion of oral cancer first because most often we see them before seeing the dentist. The Facts If you are unaware of the dangers, here’s a list of the facts we all need to know: Oral cancer might be found in the mouth, tongue, throat or on the lips Canadian statistics …

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The Elusive Bright White Smile

No matter how often teeth are brushed, some of us just can’t achieve that gleam responsible for the phrase “pearly whites.” What’s the secret? Your dental hygienist knows the answer. A lot of it depends on what we consume. There are three compounds found in foods and liquids that are often behind a duller smile: Chromogens have strong colour that …

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The July 2020 Intake begins on July 6 with remote delivery.

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